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May 6

And that’s a wrap.. until we tweet again!

Just over four weeks ago, our team set out to blog, tweet and otherwise engage in social media as part of our MBA program. The goal was to “..become familiar with Social Media Programs, learn frameworks which they can use as Managers in their organizations, test tactics across channels, use tool and software to help them with their campaign as a group.. “. The campaign being to use social media and promote a cause the team believed in over a four week period.

At this point in the campaign I’d like to take advantage of recent headlines and do a Jason Collins for the team -despite having a team that was quite tech-centric- we were essentially social media newbies. There, we’re outed!

Our cause therefore was us. Specifically, to familiarize ourselves with both the tools of social media and the potential impact of social media - particularly in the context of business.

Recognizing there is still a great deal more that could be covered, over the next week we will be moving from a content creation phase to analysis and then wrap-up May 6.

As a summary however: While the tools and frameworks to use in which to be engaged in social media will undoubtedly change, it is clear that it has and will clearly continue to completely revolutionize the way we live and do business. As our psychologist turned organizational behavior professor shared with the class earlier this week, humans are arguably the most social creature the world has seen. Just as the Internet is the interconnectivity of computers, social media enables the interconnectivity of humans. Social media isn’t just here to stay - it is a paradigm shift.

In recognizing this phenomena, businesses will be challenged between assigning a person (or team) clear ownership of social media to maintain a consistent brand; against the need to be engaged by all teams across the organization (marketing, product development, customer support, sales..). Regardless of the outcome of this and other decisions that will need to be made is the reminder - Social media: Handle with care.

For an excellent reference for businesses, one suggestion is:

May 6

“The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Social Media”


If you are a spaghetti western fan like me, you should be familiar with this masterpiece. However, we’re here to talk about social media. Here are “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Social Media”

May 6

Using Social Media to Change Policy

It seems that if someone is not happy with what is going on, they look to social media.

Officials at a Wichita, Kansas High School apologized after a letter to the newspaper and a You Tube video of a member of the Air Force saluting his little sister went viral. The Airman was to escort his little sister to the prom, but when school officials barred him because of his age and the district’s policy, the unhappy sister took to the (social) media. After the video went viral, the district is now looking to expedite the change of the age policy.

I support our military, but I feel the age limit is there to protect the kids. Because of the national attention brought on by the You Tube video, the school district felt the pressure to quickly change the policy. I think they should just left it as is….

May 6

Digital Handshake

First impressions do make a difference in the social media world as in the real world. Here are 5 tips to a firm digital handshake:

1. Shore up your bios

2. Don’t be an egg (on Twitter)

3. Watch what you tweet and what you share

4. Don’t take too many social media vacations

5. Spelling and grammar count, even in 140 characters

May 6

“Teenagers, social media, and terrorism: a threat level hard to assess”

Teens are going to have to take a hard look at what they are posting as authorities are responding more and more to threats on social media – even if it is a hoax.

May 6

Instagram’s New Feature – Photo Tag

Recently, Instagram added a new photo-tagging feature, which allows the person taking the photo add you, similar to Facebook. Fear not, there is a quick and easy way of removing the tag of you, again, similar to Facebook. However, you still do not have the ability remove the photo altogether without requesting the poster to remove the photo. Someday….

May 6

Who finds Facebook Most Appealing?

According to this latest (2013) social research, women, 18 - 29, find Facebook the most appealing of all networking sites.


May 6

Branding Yourself

Here is how to make yourself look good in Google Search:

May 2

Using Social Media as a Crisis Management Tool [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here’s a cool infographic showing examples of how social media was used during times of crisis.

Using Social Media as a Crisis Management Tool